About South Centre Fine Cars

South Centre Fine Cars began in the late 1950’s along a dirt road in south Calgary called MacLeod Trail. It originally started life as Pados Volkswagen with Mr. Pados, a dedicated believer in this new little German car at the helm. Pados Volkswagen grew, riding the wave of increasing popularity of the strange looking yet fuel efficient cars and buses from the German manufacturer of the “people’s car”.

In the 1970’s, the dealership changed hands, the new owners changed the name to South Centre Fine Cars, as they were no longer selling just VW’s, they’d also picked up the sister marque, Audi.

In the late 1980’s, it was time to expand. South Centre Fine Cars moved from it’s original location, approximately where the Chinook Home Depot now looms, to it’s current location at 5512 MacLeod Trail SW. The Porsche line was also added to the store’s lineup to help fill the brand new building.

In 1995, South Centre Fine Cars was purchased by it’s current owners, the Shostak family. The Shostaks were no green peas, having owned and operated our sister store, Fifth Avenue Auto Haus since 1984. Progress continued as did the popularity of the VW, Audi, and Porsche lineups. Soon there was again a need for expansion, so in April 2002, the family opened yet another sister store, Glenmore Audi. At the same time our current building at 14 years old, got a freshening to the tune of about $1.5 million to serve you better.

That pretty much brings us to today, a state of the art facility, and a state of the art team, steeped in rich history. Having been in business this long…we know our stuff, and we know how to make you happy.

Looking to the future, we continue to grow and increase our knowledge…all in the pursuit of excellence when it comes to customer service.

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