Wild Rose Porsche Club – BBQ

Late May had Fritz hosting the annual Wild Rose Porsche Club BBQ. Approximately 20 cars attended the event and enjoyed some fantastic food and the company of fellow Porsche enthusiasts. An impending black cloud forced some members to quickly leave except for me. Domino was dead. After a quick replacement of the DME relay, I realized the starter had given up. This lead to a photo opportunity seeing the Porsche Parts Manager getting a push start! I am amazed at the helpfulness of the club as I was quickly offered a starter (which Fritz had in his garage) and a hoist to work on! As I had Mitchell with me I chose to drive home and replace the failed starter on my own. See the “embarrassing moment” in the pictures below…


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2 responses to “Wild Rose Porsche Club – BBQ

  1. It only would have been more embarassing if we had pushed you past the RCMP cruiser if it was still there! I have adjsuted my shift coupler since that weekend, so I have 5th gear again. The run out there at 5000 rpm in 4th was a touch loud.

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